Thank you for opting for We understand there might be hiccups along the way, and we’re here to assist. Here’s an overview of our return policy.

1. Final Sale on Software:

As a standard, our software sales are non-returnable. Once purchased, consider it a finalized transaction. Refunds come into play only when there’s a provable and irremediable issue on our end.

2. Issue Validation:

Should you encounter a hiccup with our software, we’re on standby to help. We might request specific data like error displays or image captures. Our tech squad will then determine if the glitch is insurmountable and from our spectrum.

3. Refunds for Authenticated Software Glitches:

Upon validating a non-resolvable glitch within our software, we’ll grant a refund upon solicitation. The reimbursement will revert to your initial payment mode. However, note that refunds apply solely to the particular software impacted by the acknowledged glitch.

4. Return Exceptions:

The following scenarios will not be eligible for refunds:

  • Restrictions or Revoked Access: In instances where an external platform places constraints on your software accessibility or account, we remain unaccountable. Abiding by the platform guidelines and acknowledging linked risks are up to you.
  • Purchaser’s Remorse: Should you simply have a change of heart or no longer deem the software necessary, refunds won’t be considered. Ensure our software aligns with your requirements and is compatible with your infrastructure prior to procurement.

5. User Accountability:

Upon acquisition, you acknowledge the onus of ensuring our software’s fitment and adhering to platform regulations. Consequences of our software utilization, inclusive of potential revocations or restrictions, are borne by you.

Our goal is to deliver dependable software and address any associated concerns. We value your cognizance of our return policy which champions equitable consumer interaction. For assistance or inquiries, our client support crew is ever-ready to serve.

Do note, this return policy is subject to alterations without advanced intimation. Periodic policy checks for revisions are recommended.