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Wallhack and ESP Overview for CS2

What are Wallhacks and ESP for CS2?

Gain a tactical edge with our CS2 Wallhacks and ESP, designed to enhance your situational awareness and strategic planning in all game modes. This tool allows you to see opponents and teammates through walls, providing crucial information that can be the difference between victory and defeat. Customize your experience with a plethora of features to suit your gameplay style, from simple enemy spotting to detailed visual enhancements.

Key Features:

  • Enabled: Easily activate the ESP with a switch toggle.
  • Keybind: Set a specific key to toggle wallhacks on and off during gameplay, allowing for flexible use.
  • Visible Only: Opt to see only those enemies that are visible to avoid information overload.
  • Show Team: Extend ESP capabilities to include teammates, enhancing team coordination.
  • Bone ESP: Visualize enemy skeletons for precise targeting.
  • Box: Encase targets in a customizable box to highlight their position.
  • Box Style: Choose from various box appearances to match your visual preference.
  • Gradient: Apply a gradient color to the box for a stylish ESP visual.
  • Box Fill: Fill boxes with color to make targets stand out even more.
  • Drop Shadow: Add a shadow to boxes for enhanced visual depth.
  • Box Thickness: Adjust the border thickness of boxes for clearer visibility.
  • Distance Fade: ESP visibility fades with distance, keeping the screen uncluttered.
  • Fade Level: Control the intensity of the distance fade effect.
  • Name: Display names above players to identify targets quickly.
  • Health: View health bars to gauge the survivability of opponents and teammates.
  • Weapon: See which weapons opponents are carrying to better anticipate their strategies.
  • Font Size: Adjust the size of the text for ESP labels to ensure readability according to your preference.
  • Field of View: Display the aimbot's field of view for fine-tuning and optimal alignment.

Can I get banned?

While our Wallhack and ESP tools are designed with discretion in mind, the use of such enhancements can be detected by anti-cheat systems. We have implemented several features to minimize visibility to game moderators, but we recommend using these tools judiciously to maintain fair play and avoid potential bans.


  • How customizable is the Wallhack and ESP? Our tool offers extensive customization options to perfectly match your playing style and needs. Whether you prefer minimal assistance or full tactical support, you can configure the settings to your exact preferences.
  • Is it easy to use? Absolutely! Installation is straightforward, and the user interface is intuitive. You'll also find helpful video tutorials and community support on our Discord channel to get you set up and optimized in no time.
  • What support is available? We offer comprehensive customer support through Discord, providing guidance and updates to ensure you always have the best possible experience with our tools.


Wallhacks (ESP) Counter-Strike 2
Wallhacks (ESP) Counter-Strike 2