Aimbot Hacks for Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 Hack


Status: Undetected

Green Trust

Type: External

OS: Win 10/11

Automatic Updates

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Aimbot Hack Overview for CS2

What is an Aimbot Hack for CS2?

Our aimbot for Counter-Strike 2 is tailored for gamers looking to subtly enhance their gameplay in ranked matches and all game modes. It features advanced smoothing controls that allow you to adjust the speed of the aimbot for either blatant or legitimate-looking play. With customizable FOV settings, you can control which enemies are targeted relative to your crosshair, and the auto-switch feature allows for swift targeting of multiple enemies. This tool is configurable per weapon type, ensuring optimal performance in every scenario.

Can I get banned?

While our aimbot is crafted to be undetected by anti-cheat systems like Overwatch, using such tools carries inherent risks. This aimbot is designed to be hidden from spectators, minimizing the chances of detection. However, responsible usage is advised to avoid blatant play that could lead to an Overwatch ban.


  • How customizable is the Aimbot? Highly. You can tailor the aimbot's behavior with weapon-specific adjustments and control its aggressiveness with our smoothing feature. It's also equipped to selectively target teammates in applicable game modes.
  • Is it easy to use? Yes, our aimbot is user-friendly with simple installation and setup processes. We provide comprehensive video guides and a variety of ready-to-use configurations accessible via our dedicated Discord channel.
  • What support is available? We provide robust customer support seven days a week through Discord. Our aimbot is also automatically updated to keep it compatible with the latest CS2 versions, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted use.


Aimbot Counter-Strike 2
Aimbot Counter-Strike 2